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SGM understands that servers are critical to the success of your business, from the small office to the corporate server room we deliver solutions that fit your needs. Our servers are specially designed and tested to meet the most demanding environments. Solutions that combine high performance and availability with room to scale up for future growth. Here are highlights of some of our more popular configurations. If you don't see what you are looking for below just give us a call we can build a solution to fill your needs.

We have divided the servers into general market segments and platforms, please choose your how you would like to look at some of our solutions :

Servers by Market Segment

Servers by Platform

Server Management
  What ISM can do for you !
More Server Uptime
Lower Support Costs
Increased Peace of Mind
Features and Benefits

Server Management
Now that you have the best of bread server deployed how do you stay on top of their performance and system status. Your servers run mission critical applications. There is literally no time for downtime. That is why Intel created Intel® Server Management -- a set of hardware and software technologies built into most Intel® server boards that monitors and diagnoses server health. Intel Server Management helps give you more server uptime, increased peace of mind, and lower support costs.

What ISM can do for you !
Intel® Server Management is a combination of powerful technologies that automatically monitor server health and preemptively diagnose problems as they arise. These built-in management capabilities constitute a huge advantage of Intel server boards and a tremendous benefit to customers.

More Server Uptime
Companies of all sizes depend on servers to run business-critical applications -- email, web sites, databases, eCommerce, you name it. By proactively managing servers with Intel® Server Management, you can eliminate most downtime. Having servers "up" rather than "down" means higher productivity, uninterrupted business transactions, and uninterrupted revenues. Intel Server Management watches servers around the clock, catching small problems before they become serious and proactively alerting the system administrator of impending or actual failures.

Lower Support Costs
With Intel Server Management, IT departments can support servers from virtually anywhere and with fewer staff -- which means lower service costs and faster problem resolution. Intel Server Management gives businesses enterprise-level server protection at a small-business price. And because Intel provides server management right on the server board, you do not have to buy a remote management card.

Increased Peace of Mind
When ventureing into e-Business areas such as e-Commerce, web-enabled supplier contact, and web-fed order management, you need to know that the infrastructure will not let you down. Knowing that Intel® Server Management is watching over business-critical servers around the clock allows you to focus on strategic customer and business issues rather than the hardware. Intel Server Management can provide enormous assurance that server health will be the last thing keeping customers -- or you -- up at night.

Features and Benefits
Hardware health monitoring through 200 components
Helps keep servers highly available
Proactive, alert notification through LAN and paging devices
Promotes confidence in server health by alerting in advance of system failures
Server management subsystem built into Intel® server boards
No remote management card needed Frees up server slot
Remote access and diagnostics
Minimize service calls Server access anytime, anywhere
Standards-based server management
Industry standards allow integration with enterprise management applications for a complete system management solution

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