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Complexity Management
Complexity is the nemesis of every SMB. Complexity drives up costs, saps profitability, and constrains business processes. No where is this more true than in computer systems for SMBs. The more complex a system is, the more expensive it is to install, manage, and maintain over time. Complex systems typically require higher-level skill-sets to manage, ongoing training to retain competencies, and more time to diagnose and fix problems. But the real problem regarding complexity is control. The more complex a system is, the more SMBs have to rely on outside help to keep systems operational. This puts them at the mercy of expensive contractors.

However, complex systems do have their advantages. They are often quite powerful and quite flexible in their capabilities. They can automate and simplify multi-faceted business processes. For SMBs to realize the advantage of complex systems, however, they need tools that can make the complicated simple, that can allow internal staff to manage them, and that can give them back control over their environment.

SyAM Software’s Desktop Monitor Central and Server Monitor Central products greatly reduce complexity in several ways.

Product Level Efficiencies

Our products can be downloaded and made operational in just minutes.
Our products require virtually no training for administrators.
Our products are platform agnostic at both the hardware and OS levels, working simply and ubiquitously with virtually any system.
Our products require no additional downloads to unlock Central Management capabilities. One download is all you need
Operational Efficiencies:

Our products eliminate the need for multiple manufacturers’ management consoles for PCI RAID systems. These consoles are often very difficult to learn and each is proprietary. Our products are simple to use and consistent in the way they manage every RAID system.
Our products centralize in one console every important function that administrators need to maintain the IT environment: monitoring, logging, alerting, configuring, and reporting.
Our products greatly reduce the complexity involved in diagnosing root causes of problems.
Our products monitor every critical function of systems and log the data into the central console. This provides administrators very deep views with just the click of a mouse.
Our products make it simple and fast to set up power policies that can be automatically enforced without human intervention.
By reducing complexity in these key ways, SyAM Software helps SMBs save money, take back control of their environment, and increase profitability.



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