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Remote Management
Computer systems represent a significant line-item on the books of most SMBs today. However, for these firms to realize the competitive advantage that computer systems promise, those systems have to be maintained at peak efficiency. The cost of administrator salaries and contractors can be as much or more than the annual costs of the computer systems themselves, making this function a prime target for further examination.

Many SMBs recognize that IT staff add value to their businesses in three very important ways:

They keep the technical infrastructure up and running so productivity and competitive advantage is realized.
They evaluate, select, and plan for new technology implementations that can further increase speed of response, further streamline business processes, and increase profitability.
They implement those new technologies.
Of the 3 functions noted above, the second two offer businesses the greatest potential to leap-frog the competition and gain market-share. The first is a necessary and important cost of doing business. However, the more that can be done to direct efforts into new business initiatives, the greater the impact IT can deliver to the business. This often leaves companies with the imperative to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for maintenance services.

One of the biggest drains on the productivity of administrators is making multiple trips to fix a problem: one trip to diagnose, one trip to install new hardware or software, and one follow-up trip to ensure everything is working. Until now this inefficient use of time and resources was an industry standard approach.

SyAM Software’s Server Monitor Central and Desktop Monitor Central increase the productivity of administrators by greatly reducing or eliminating the need for desk-side visits. Our products empower administrators to drill down to the root cause of problems, whether they are hardware or software based. Our Central Management console logs systems events over time, which creates a path for administrators to follow when issues arise. Combined with system-level alerts that identify specific component issues, administrators can often identify problems remotely without leaving their desk.

For hardware-based issues, administrators can identify the cause of the problem and bring the correct components on the first visit, reducing desk-side service to one trip. Follow up monitoring can then occur remotely. Software issues can often be resolved remotely via our remote “take-over” capabilities. This allows administrators to literally take over a machine at the keyboard, video, mouse level and manipulate the machine as if they were standing in front of it. Since software and OS issues often stem from incorrect configurations, administrators can resolve these issues without a desk-side visit.

The benefit of these capabilities is that businesses can now reduce expenditures on maintenance services and instead pour those dollars into strategic initiatives that can increase productivity, competitive advantage, and profitability.


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