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Market Focus
SyAM Software has developed products that address a variety of needs for SMBs and that help Enterprises manage their systems more efficiently.

For SMBs, we have created a value proposition that is very compelling. Our cost-effective products have a very competitive initial price. But they literally pay for themselves within just a few short weeks with savings in reduced power consumption. The real savings are realized over time as systems live longer, administrators are more productive, and TCO drops across the board on all systems.

For Enterprises we also have a compelling value proposition. While many Enterprises can afford to buy expensive systems management tools, often those tools do not provide detailed information at the level of granularity that administrators would like. Simple red-light/green-light status indicators do not tell you what is wrong, what needs to be done to fix it, and how serious the problem is. SyAM Software’s products deliver these deep views, empowering administrators to be more productive and deliver higher service levels.



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